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Bride's Corner
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Here clients have the opportunity to share their experiences with WCG Events. Please email us at annrose@wcgevents.com to add your comments.

Bride ~ Lindsay ~

Being on a very tight budget, I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner. My wedding was DIY and I was having a hard time balancing time between work and getting everything done, and not making it look like a cheap DIY wedding. I decided to contact Ann about helping me with my wedding and immediately the weight of my wedding was lifted off of my shoulders. Ann got all of the information that she needed (numbers of vendors, times of drop-offs, copies of agreements/contracts, etc.) and everything began running so smoothly. I was so thankful because some of the things she was asking about my wedding were things that I would have never thought of. All I kept thinking was “If I hadn’t hired Ann, I don’t know how many things would’ve gone wrong at the wedding”. Ann has the most positive and “get it done” personality, with the ability to assure and calm her clients on one of the most important days of their life. I did forget my garter on my wedding day, and didn’t even notice until it was time to do the tossing. I ran to Ann and she told her husband (the DJ, who was absolutely awesome too!) to stall for a minute, then 1-2-3 she had a garter made. I don’t even know where she got the fabric! If you’re thinking about hiring an event planner, I would 100% recommend Ann and WCG Events. My husband and I still talk about how great everything was and we are so thankful to have had their help.

Bride ~ Mary ~

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Ann’s services were in coordinating our wedding in a smooth, relaxed and organized manner! Ann was there from the start to be that second ear while meeting with all our vendors. She was punctual in showing up for all our meetings, at the rehearsal and wedding. She had all of the contact information for the vendors to ensure their arrival time and showed them where to set up & what to do. She made sure she knew names and relations of the bridal party and people involved with the wedding. She had her check list of things that were supposed to happen at certain times and put out such a positive vibe! She was extremely polite & presentable and blended in as if she were part of the wedding. It was like she was an angel floating around...she even reminded me to make sure I had tissue, my compact & lipstick that I almost left in the car! She even gave us with creative photo & decoration ideas. Ann had a special way of making our wedding exciting and she was just so helpful. It didn’t seem like a job or a task for her, it seemed like an enjoyment for her! I highly recommend Ann Rose to coordinate your wedding!